The Cybercops are an e-mail- club of german speaking policemen. But that doesn´t mean that there are only german colleagues. Besides Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein there are France,Slovenia, the Netherlands and even Canada represented.

A lively e-mail- exchange is proceeding, which not only referres to our business but also to private interests, and jokes are of course welcome too.

And now and then of course we meet at different occasions and events.

Of course we are also willing to receive informations about criminal offenses in the Internet, about missing children and so on, which we deliver to the competent police office.


You are interested to read more about the CYBERCOPS?
Then click here for our homepage: ! (Written in german language)


In 1999 we designed the Cybercops- Award. We give it only to really well made Homepages. It´s not enough only to be an Award- collector.
Depending on the quality of the page it will be awarded by one to three stars. Really outstanding pages can get the platinum award (4 stars).
More about that is read on our homepage too: