May I introduce myself :  
My name is Gerhard Schaible, Iīm 52 years old (at least in the moment - next year Iīm perhaps a little bit older), married with the best wife of all times and I earn my money with wearing green rags and moving a green - white thing with a big ventilator on top through the air.
When I sometimes donīt do that I torture a white case named Computer, surf through the internet or chat with interesting people, such like the members of the CYBERCOPS, THE e-mail- club for german speaking policemen.


... and my little wife Margitta may of course not be neglected at all!!!!

Or do you wish to see how we really look like?
Yes????? Really ????? Why?????
Ok, then :

And when sometimes our "salary- donators" allow it, we are on a VOYAGE!!!!!....
Egypt, China, Mexico, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand
Mars (ohhhh nooooo, there we havenīt been yet!!!!! :-))
(Have a look???? Then click to the underlined land.
But regard: maybe long loading time!)

Where have we been else? You wonīt believe, but e.g. in Germany,
also in France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Czechia, Tunesia etc


What is there else to say....

Music? Well, we like a lot of different styles. All the time I liked Queen very much, also Roxette, Genesis and much, much more, but no Heavy Metal. 
And sometimes we listen classical Music too (depends on the mood):-)
Books? Except technical literature we read novels (when there is a little time left for it) e.g. from John Grisham, Ken Follett, John LeCarré and the cat-crime-novels from Akif Pirinįci (I donīt know if they are translated into English)
Sports? Takes place mainly in the sports-studio (first "iron bending" :-))) and afterwards relaxing in the sauna)

By the way: An entry of yours in my Guestbook would be great !!!!!

* The use of the name "Helicop" was meritoriously allowed by the TV- station "SAT1", which produced the series "Die Helicops"